When should you re-calibrate your balance? - the answer is simple!!

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When should you re-calibrate your balance? - the answer is simple!!
If you use your balance at all, regular external calibration is critical. This question frequently comes up when a customer purchases a balance from There are many reasons why a balance may need to be calibrated. The simple process of shipping can cause small changes to the mechanics of the balance. Some users may have calibration weights that are slightly different from those used at the factory. These small changes can mean big differences in your measuring results. Different balances will react differently to a change in location. A lesssensitive balance, for example, one that is readable to 1.0g, may not be able to measure a change in gravity when it is moved to a different location. More sensitive balances, such as those found in laboratories, will more readily display the difference in gravitational forces. On the most sensitive laboratory balances, it is possible that a very small difference in location can cause large changes to the balances calibration. For the best accuracy, the balance should be calibrated regularly  or if the local ambient temperature changes are more than two degrees Celsius and you are making high accuracy measurements. Some balances are equipped with internal calibration, and while it might cost more, its a handy feature to have. Most balances with internal calibration also offer external calibration. External calibration is fairly simple to do, it's just a case of disciplining yourself to do this regularly.         For further information on Camlab's range of Balances:    
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