What to check for when choosing pH Buffer Solutions

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What to check for when choosing pH Buffer Solutions
pH buffers are crucial in setting up an accurate calibration of your pH meter and therefore obtaining valid measurements from your samples. Camlab supplies a selection of pH buffers with key factors worth considering when looking to purchase pH calibration buffers.

Guaranteed Traceability with Full Accreditation

0010704Accreditation provides evidence of compliance with a certification program. The use of certified and accredited standard solutions traceable to national standards for the country of origin assisting with traceable to the IUPAC pH scale achieved through comparisons, with Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) manufactured by NIST. Reagecon’s pH buffers (ISO/IEC 17025) are accreditated to the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB).  Hach Lange group pH buffers (No. DKD-K-47901) and Metler Toledo are accredited by DKD, the German national accreditation authority.

Why is traceability important for pH buffers?hach

pH measurements are as good as the pH buffers that are used. If pH calibrations are made using traceable pH buffers then these measurements can be directly linked to the International pH scale. Without this, the pH units on your pH meter are just a number and are not a pH value. The link achieved by traceability allows comparability of results regardless of:
  • When measured
  • Where measured
  • What instrumentation used


Reagecon’s pH buffers have been specially formulated to ensure their stability up to the stated expiry date regardless whether the bottle was first opened. Other manufacturers provide different options. For further information on pH ready made buffers in this range see:  
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