What is supplied with the Hach 2100Q turbidity meter?

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What is supplied with the Hach 2100Q turbidity meter?
What is supplied with the Hach 2100Q turbidity meter? and can I use my old sample cells? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360"]Hach Lange 2100Q turbidity meter 2100Q Turbidity meter from Hach Lange[/caption] The Hach Lange 2100Q turbidity meter is the successful replacement instrument to the market leading Hach 2100P turbidity meter. In a Stylish modern case the new meter improves on previous performance and useability with a range of new functions. We often get asked what is actually supplied in the case, do I need to purchase standards or sample cells to make a measurement. The answer is no, supplied with each version of the instrument is four alkaline batteries, a carrying case, primary stablcal calibration standards in 1" sealed vials ( values 20, 100, 800 NTU), 10 NTU primary verification standard, 6 sample cells with screw-tops, an instrument manual (printed & CD-ROM), quick start guide, silicone oil and oiling cloth. Also you may have cells left over from your Hach 2100P these are suitable for use in the new 2100Q as the same cells are supplied with both. Camlab have UK stock available for most of the common spares and accessories for the 2100Q as well as an experienced service team whether you need a calibration certificate or a full service. Contact us using the form below or buy Hach products online right now
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