What equipment do I need to perform a vacuum filtration?

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What equipment do I need to perform a vacuum filtration?
Filtration under vacuum, also known as Büchner filtration, is commonly used to isolate the solid precipitate from a solution. This technique is used in syntheses, for example when a reaction has yielded a solid, or in analyses including gravimetric analysis of suspended solids. Although performing the filtration is simple, several pieces of equipment are needed which must all fit together, so how can you ensure you have all the pieces you'll need? [caption id="attachment_6859" align="aligncenter" width="300"]A complete vacuum filtration apparatus setup Vacuum Filtration[/caption] We have put together a handy starter kit for vacuum filtrations, so everything you need is in one box. Choose from 2 types - with or without the vacuum pump, as some sites may already have a vacuum line or pump or may need a chemical duty pump for work with solvents or corrosive chemicals. The kit includes;
  • 1 x vacuum pump (in pump kit only)
  • 1 x 1m length of heavy walled rubber tubing
  • 2 x cable ties (to affix the tubing to the pump inlet securely)
  • 1 x 250ml Pyrex Buchner flask
  • 1 x  set of filter cones (to connect the flask to the funnel with an airtight seal)
  • 1 x procelain Buchner funnel to fit 7cm filter papers
  • 1 x retort stand set (to hold the flask steady during filtration)
Just add 7cm diameter filter papers to suit your experiment If you want to know more about filtration, why not see our previous post about the differences in vacuum and gravity filtration, or contact us using the form below
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