What does the error message "barcode not recognised" mean?

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What does the error message "barcode not recognised" mean?
What does the error message "barcode not recognised" mean on a Hach Dr2800 spectrophotometer? I have just purchased a new pack of Hach Lange LCK303 ammonia vials and the instrument is giving me the message above, whats gone wrong? From time to time Hach Lange improve and adapt methods for the LCK range of cuvette tests, these updates are incorporated into the barcode on the vial however the instrument needs to know what this means and therefore needs to have its firmware updated. Once the firmware is updated then the vials can be read as normal. The firmware on the Hach DR2800 can be updated by the user however if you purchase the unit from Camlab then the software will be updated every year for you as part of our comprehensive service contract. The first year is included free with your purchase from Camlab. Or just fill out the contact form below for more information on how to cover your unit for routine maintenance and peace of mind. The new Hach lange Dr3900 spectrophotometer the software can be updated via the RFID tag included on every box of reagents by simply swiping the box in front of the unit The full range of Hach Lange spectrophotometers and Hach Lange Reagents can be obtained from Camlab.
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