What Certificates can I get for my pH buffers

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What Certificates can I get for my pH buffers
I have just bought some pH buffers from camlab and I need some certificates for my quality department? [caption id="attachment_2275" align="alignleft" width="300"]NIST pH buffers NIST pH buffers[/caption] Many of the pH buffers available from Camlab have a certificate of analysis which can be obtained just by supplying a Part number and a batch number. A pdf of this certificate can then be emailed to you. if you require this with every buffer then please note this on your order and the certificate can be sent out with the order.  The certification can vary from supplier to supplier so if it is criticfal then please get in touch prior to ordering. Camlab recommends Reagecon buffers as we can supply the full range of certification for these products
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