The Electrothermal MC810B Digital Temperature Controller

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The Electrothermal MC810B Digital Temperature Controller
We get a lot of enquiries about the  Electrothermal MC810B Digital Heating Controller, specifically concerning its functionality and compatibility with other Electrothermal products. This controller can be used in 3 ways: (1) In On/Off mode with the hysteresis loop controlling power switching. (2) As a PID (Proportional, Integrated, Derivative) controller. (3) As a temperature measuring device up to 270°C or more, depending upon the probe accessory used. [caption id="attachment_5185" align="aligncenter" width="470"]Electrothermal MC810 temperature controller Electrothermal MC810 temperature controller[/caption] Programming is via the Up/Down controls on the front panel and the 3 digit LED display allows you to set a 1°C resolution over a range of -10°C to 800°C. Temperature sensing is performed by a plug-in PTFE covered platinum resistance thermometer probe which is suitable for measurements up to 270°C. There is a 5 pin DIN socket for the temperature probe. The sample temperature is displayed on the 3-digit LED display. The MC810B can be used with any of our CMU or EM mantles with a single IEC socket input, controlled or uncontrolled. There are however some points to consider: • The MC810B controller is best used on uncontrolled mantles. • If the MC810B controller is used on a controlled mantle, then the mantle control knob must be turned to the maximum/‘fully on’ position, in this circumstance the MC810B will work as if it were connected to an uncontrolled mantle. Does this controller work with a stirring mantle? You can use the MC810B with any of our EMA stirring mantles but when the controller switches the power on and off to control the temperature, the stirring also turns on/off. A solution to this problem would be to look at our OMCA digi-mantle instead, which has an inbuilt temperature feedback circuit controller into which an optional PT100 temperature probe may be connected to gauge the temperature of the flask contents. Does this controller work with Electrothermal EME multi-mantles as well? The MC810B controller only has one temperature probe for controlling contents, so it would be a bit of an assumption to use the MC810B on an EME3 product for example as you coiuld only effectively control the temperature of the contents onf one flask. The other two positions may be a similar temperature but it would certainly not be good practice. Can the MC810B be used with the HT9 series heating tapes? Yes, the controller is compatible with our HT9 heating tapes but must be installed by a competent electrician. Email Electrothermal Help if you require any further information. What type of temperature probe does the MC810B use? The MC810B comes with a PTFE covered platinum resistance thermometer which can be used to measure solutions up to 270oC. We offer three other probes for use with the controllers which have varying maximum temperature capabilities. Listed below are some brief specifications and the approximated lengths for the three available Electrothermal temperature probes: AZ6705 - 250˚C Max, 11” (28cm) AZ6706 – 400˚C Max, 12” (30cm) AZ6741 – 800˚C Max, 6” (15cm) The full range of electrothermal products can be purchased from Camlab
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