Stuart's new heating blocks ensure safe, effective heating for round bottom flasks

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Stuart's new heating blocks ensure safe, effective heating for round bottom flasks
Stuart Equipment has introduced a new range of heating blocks designed as accessories for the company's Undergrad range of hotplates and hotplate stirrers.   [caption id="attachment_6135" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Stuart drysyn heating blocks Stuart drysyn heating blocks[/caption] Developed along with Drysyn, a leading supplier of heating blocks, the new Stuart products enable customers to effectively turn their hotplate into a heating mantle, providing safe, effective heating for round bottom flasks. This setup retains the ability to stir the samples and the modular system means users can mix and match blocks to create a combination that ideally suits their setup and applications. Stuart heating blocks provide the cleanest and safest method for synthesis, for single or multiple reactions, delivering heating performance that is equal to or better than silicon oil. The blocks offer excellent chemical and solvent resistance, while the low well allows the best possible temperature transfer without compromising the user's view of the reaction or increasing the risk of cracking glass. Outstanding flexibility for the laboratory is offered through a selection of Stuart heating blocks, including two sizes of base plates, each capable of holding three blocks - the SHB100BASE, for 100 ml flasks, and the SHB250BASE for 250 ml flasks. For those working with larger volume reactions, the SHB1000BASE has a single insert for flasks up to 500 ml as well as additional heat-resistant handles for easier management. To make purchasing simple, cost-saving starter kits are available, which include base plates with a selection of heating blocks.  
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