Spin it, shake it, mix it and more - the completely new range of small bench-top equipment from Ohaus

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Spin it, shake it, mix it and more - the completely new range of small bench-top equipment from Ohaus
Featuring Ohaus Incubating Cooling Thermal Shakers If you're working in any one of many life science industries where ELISA assays, drug extractions, hybridisations and PCR are your daily norm, then maybe you need to look at the older pieces of equipment you have and whether there is a more efficient piece of equipment that would make your day easier and your assays better. Ohaus have launched a whole series of new small bench top equipment and at the top of our list for innovation are the incubating cooling thermal shakers: These thermal shakers and cooling thermal shakers are designed for many applications that require accurate and precise incubation that are reproducible between batches. The shakers utilise interchangeable blocks that accommodate a wide variety of tubes including microplates. The unit itself has a 4.3" colour LCD screen which allows the operator to visibly track the progress through the live status bar. ISTHBLCTS-LEFT-BLOCK-TUBES The unit is supplied as standard with a 1.5ml block, clear rack and cover, but there are many other blocks available for specific applications, including Microplate blocks for 96, 384 and 0.2ml PCR plates. There are also tube blocks for 0.5, 1.5, 2.0 and 5-7ml tubes. This makes the Ohaus ISTHBLHTS and ISTHBLCTS two of the most adaptable shakers on the market today, and to be able to heat and cool is quite unique. The Thermal shaker ISTHBLHTS has a range of 4ºC above ambient to 100ºC. The Cooling Thermal shaker ISTHBLCTS operates at 17ºC below ambient to 100ºC Both have a speed range of 300-3000 rpm and timers which can be set from 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes. The orbit of rotation is 3mm. For unique orbital shakers, Incubating shakers and Vortex mixers  from Ohaus visit our website to see whats new!
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