Socorex Tips and Pipettors, a perfect match...........

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Socorex Tips and Pipettors, a perfect match...........
Socorex are the leading Swiss supplier of quality precision pipettes and tips. If you want to avoid buying the wrong tips for your new pipette, buy both the pipettes and tips from the same manufacturer. Whilst it is possible to source after-market OEM varieties you cannot be sure that the tip you buy will fit the barrel of the pipettes correctly and then dispense the required volume accurately. In some instances this dispensing volume can be critical. i.e. in immuno-assay development where the antibody/antigen volumes dispensed can be small but the accuracy has to be high between pipettes and users. Any error or inaccuracy can lead to manufacturing deviations which may worsen over time, until the assay does not work properly anymore.   Acura 825, 835 Manual Pipettes [caption id="attachment_6415" align="alignright" width="138"]Acura 825 Pipettors from Socorex Acura 825 Pipettors from Socorex[/caption] Equipped with a precision digital display, the new line is continuously adjustable down to a very fine volume resolution. Single-handed volume setting is easy and  measuring unknown volumes by aspiration is also possible with a high degree of accuracy.  Acura 825 Pipettes A total of 8 micropipettes covering the range from 0.1 to 1000µl are available.
  • Digital display for easy volume identification
  • Swift-set easy in-lab calibration
  • Exceptional user-friendly ergonomics
  • Ultra-soft, effortless activation
  • Innovative tip ejection concept
  • Entirely autoclavable at 121°C
  • 3 year warranty as standard on all models
  • Certified calibration
Acura 825 adjustable pipettes are equipped with a precision digital display and can be continuously adjusted down to a fine volume resolution. Acura 835 Macro Pipettes 3 models to choose from; 0.2-2ml, 0.5-5ml, 1-10ml
  • Smart and reliable volume adjustment
  • Single handed volume setting
  • Interchangeable nozzle protection filter
  • Justip™ adjustable tip ejector fitting ,most tips
  • Swift-user calibration system
  • Shock, UV-light and autoclaving resistance
  • Pasteur pipette fitting (2ml and 5ml models)
  • Certified calibration
For the right tip for your Socorex pipette refer to the Acura Manual Datasheet page 6 Breaking News!!!!  10% OFF Socorex Tips - Bagged and Non sterile Socorex pipette tips are currently being offered at 10% off RRP.  The complete range of bagged tips are available here which fit the Acura Manual pipettes. For larger pipettes like the Acura 835 Macro there is also 10% off   the RRP on tips 2ml, 5ml and 10ml which can be found here. For smaller volume Acura Pipettes 0.1-2µl and 0.5-10µl use Socorex precise Ultra tips can be found here Why not get a rack to hold your pipettes and colour code them so you know they are yours!! [caption id="attachment_6421" align="alignleft" width="160"]Coloured caps Coloured caps for Pipettors[/caption]       Caps are available to identify your pipettes and distinguish them from others in the laboratory, You could also use the colours to denote the size or the intended use.       Socorex Twister Rotary Stands are ideal for storage of Pipettes. The Concept stand can hold 6 pipettes of most brands. Simple to use and with interchangeable coloured discs. [caption id="attachment_6423" align="alignleft" width="161"]Socorex Pipettor Rack with Colour Coded Rack Options Socorex Pipettor Rack with Colour Coded Rack Options[/caption]                
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