Simple turbidity measurement

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Simple turbidity measurement
I need a simple method to measure turbidity? What is Turbidity? see the linked post There are a number of ways to measure  Turbidity the best method will depend a little on the sample, the range of turbidity you are measuring and how often you want to do the measurement. There are two simple methods which are non-instrument based. The turbidity tube is a plastic tube which is filled with the sample, there is a small X at the bottom of the tube and the tube kis filled until the X can no longer be seen, at this level the reading is taken from the graduations on the side. It is suitable for most water samples. [caption id="attachment_1402" align="alignleft" width="150"]Secchi Disk turbidity Secchi Disk turbidity[/caption] The Secchi disk is a black and white disk supplied on a rope. This is ideal for measurments in open water. The disk is lowered until the spining black and white colours are no longer available. Th reading is taken from the notches on the rope used to lower the disk. There are a range of instrument methods which can also be used as well as process instruments for all samples types. Call Camlab on 01954 233110 to discuss your requirements or Email Camlab
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