RockFall footwear: sustainability and vegan options

RockFall footwear: sustainability and vegan options
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RockFall footwear: sustainability and vegan options

Rock Fall are an independent, family owned safety footwear business. A popular source for safety work boots, here we will explain what Rock Fall have focused on to improve sustainability when it comes to their safety footwear range.


There are many ways that Rock Fall have been promoting the sustainability of their footwear. For example, up to 12 recycled plastic bottles can go into the making of a pair of safety boots. Materials are sourced from places that focus on waste reduction and improved sustainability.

Leather working group (LWG)

Rock Fall source their leather through Leather Working Group (LWG) certified tanneries. These tanneries aim for a reduction in water and energy usage in production. On average, 12.1 billion L of water and 775 megawatts of energy is saved per year through LWG tanneries compared to non LWG tanneries.

Category C (above) is commonly used in safety footwear production. This has an average water reduction of 35% and energy reduction of 48% in production.


Ortholite® footbeds are produced by using 45% recycled rubber. This rubber is waste from outsole production and, by using it to make footbeds, saves around 300 metric tonnes of rubber from ending up in landfill per year. Using Bio-oil, from castor beans, also reduces the need for petroleum during production.


Similarly to the focus on sustainability, Rock Fall work to offer a range of vegan friendly footwear. They have been verified by the Vegan Society, which means they feature no materials used that would come from an animal.

Above all, Rock Fall's aim is to help promote more environmentally friendly footwear options. Camlab share this goal and aim to work with sustainable production partners.

To browse the rest of the Rockfall safety footwear range available from Camlab, click here. For more information, contact us by email to or by phone on 01954 233120.

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