Q. How do i measure the conductivity of ultrapure water?

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Q. How do i measure the conductivity of ultrapure water?
A. Measuring the conductivity in ultra pure water can be a challenge. Pure water has a very low, but not quite zero, electrical conductivity. This conductivity provides a probe into fundamental properties of water, including the electrochemical mobility of the hydrogen and hydroxide ions. Deviation from this value is a measure of trace ionic impurities. Ultrapure water (UPW), with impurities at or below the sub-parts-per-billion range, is used extensively in many critical applications. Applications include chip fabrication for semiconductors, intravenous solutions for pharmaceuticals, and in high-pressure boilers. Camlab have several meters that can measure the conductivity of pure water. The Myron Ultrameter II 6PFCE   6Pfc-frontal-05-27-2011 High level accuracy has been achieved through advanced four-electrode conductivity cell technology, a unique pH/ORP sensor and powerful microprocessor based circuitry. The Myron L FCE   function measures the real, unaltered chemistry of source water including moment by moment changes in that chemistry. Conductivity range 0-9999 µS/cm or 10-200 mS/cm with a resolution of 0.01 <100µS Auto temperature compensation 0-71ºC Easy Calibration All calibrations are quick to perform by pressing two keys. When calibration is necessary the display prompts the user to calibrate and the right choice of buffers. Plus there are field settings factory set that can be used. Advanced Features:
  • 3 calibration points for greater accuracy
  • Fully automated temperature compensation
  • User adjustable temperature compensation
  • Auto shut off maximises the life of the batteries
Innovative Engineering: Simplified methodology- 1.fill the cell cup 2.push the parameter key 3. Take the reading 4. Wireless data transfer with bluDock option installed The Myron 6PIIFC is a great choice for field measurements, irrigation water, hydroponics, Laboratories, wastewater, reverse osmosis, cooling towers and desalination plants. Camlab can also supply the correct Myron conductivity standards to calibrate the instrument and check standards. Always use the 7000µs/cm standard for the Myron Ultrameters and use a lower value check standard to verify before use. Alternatives Mettler Seven2Go Pro S7 conductivity meter for ultrapure or low conductivity samples. Simple, reliable, attractively designed and robust - the Seven2Go portable conductivity meters ave been engineered to offer fast, quality data with one handed operation and durability. Ideal for mobile applications in the lab, at line or in the field. The Seven2Go series of conductivity meters offer a simple menu with intuitive operation offers out-of-the-box operation for anyone. Combined with the new T-pad button array navigation is fast and comfortable allowing users to move through menus quickly and easily. The smart button arrangement allows quick navigation and a shorter time to recording the actual measurement. The S7 pro range of meters additionally offer; 12 languages with menus in clear, concise, complete sentences for ease of use. A sunlight-proof screen for brilliant readability even in direct sunlight and an LED status light for a quick readiness indication on an easy to use traffic light system.   Specifications:
  • Conductivity Measuring range; 0.010µS/cm to 1000mS/cm
  • Conductivity Resolution; 0.001 - 1 (auto-range)
  • Conductivity Accuracy; ± 0.5%
Mettler conductivity standards are also available from Camlab.
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