Q. How do I grind up bone for DNA analysis?

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Q. How do I grind up bone for DNA analysis?
A. The Omni BR-96 is the latest Bead Milling instrument from OMNI Inc. The BR-96 can also homogenise in 96 well plates ideal for high throughput bead milling applications. Bead Ruptor 96 With the stainless steel jar accessories the BR-96 is capable of all sorts of milling applications like dry grinding of grains and seeds, dissociation of plastics, plant material, paper products, bone and dry substances. Features:
  • Multiple sample processing - sealed S/Steel jars up to 50ml in volume
  • Cryogenic milling
  • 96 well plate homogenisation
  • Bead beating
  • High throughput processing
  • Wide range of accessories including 96 well plate adaptors, tube holders for 0.5, 1.5 and 2ml tubes, sealable jars for dry, wet or cryogenic milling.
br96accessory-7 br96accessory-2 The BR-96 homogeniser challenges the conventional offerings from other manufacturers as it offers a variety of interchangeable platforms making it totally flexible for laboratories that need to process a diverse range of samples both wet and dry. To see the BR-96 tackle bone click here For more information or a quotation:    
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