Programmable, vibration free incubators improve Protein Crystallisation success rates

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Programmable, vibration free incubators improve Protein Crystallisation success rates
The range of EchoTherm programmable and vibration free chilling and heating incubators have been specifically designed to improve the success rate for protein crystallizations. We've taken a look at how these units achieve this. [caption id="attachment_6945" align="aligncenter" width="553"] The EchoTherm vibration free chilling / heating incubator[/caption]

Programmable temperatures

The temperature is settable from +4°C to +70°C due to the Peltier based chilling and heating. The programmable versions of the incubators can be programmed to vary temperatures precisely from one set point to another and repeatedly in a routine. (NB non-programmable versions are also available, so please check you request the right type) The oscillations in temperatures from one point to another have been shown to create favourable crystallisation pathways, thus improving the success rate of protein crystallisations.  

Vibration free operation

Both chilling and heating are achieved by a Peltier system. Without any compressors or CFC's the units are vibration free, meaing there is no physical disruptions during crystallisation. (See our previous post - How do Peltier elements work? for more information on them)   These two important features come together to make the incubators ideal for protein crystal growth. The EchoTherm incubators by Torrey Pines are available in 3 sizes, 27.5L, 55L and 100L and can come with or without the programming ability. All units come with a universal power supply, user manual and 12 month warranty.   For more information just follow the links above or contact us;
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Adrian Jones
It's great you elaborated on the use of a chilling incubator that operates within a set temperature since these are used in experiments that involve protein crystallization. There are some models that are non-programmable and have their temperature be set according to the interior thermometer, there are also some models that can have the temperature inside be set in at the time of input so that there's a constant temperature around the area inside the incubator. Obviously, while I have no experience using this, what I can say is that there are times when you need certain items that would need to either by frozen or heated up and this is one of those items that can let you do that.