Portable Turbidity - Spot testing for Turbidity in Process and Surface Waters

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Portable Turbidity - Spot testing for Turbidity in Process and Surface Waters
Turbidity measurements are of extreme importance in quality monitoring in water, wastewater, beverage production, electroplating and petrochemical applications. Light passing through a liquid that contains undissolved solids, such as algae, mud, microbes and other insoluble particles, is both absorbed and scattered. Turbidity increases with the amount of undissolved solids present in the sample. The shape, size and composition of the particles also influence the degree of turbidity. Selecting the right sensor to measure turbidity is important.  The VisoTurb 900-P is perfect for demanding applications such as measurements in surface waters and effluents of waste water especially in the food and drink industry where direct measurement of the sample is feasible and a reliable, robust and flexible sensor is required. The VisoTurb 900-P  from WTW is a turbidity sensor designed for such applications.

Key Features

  • Convenient turbidity sensor for measurements on site
  • Simple 2 or 3 point calibration
  • Suitable for multi-parameter measurements (MultiLine IDS series i.e. 3510 IDS - Professional handheld multi-parameter meter)
  • Easy to clean titanium housing reduces the danger of contamination
  • Works with IR for mobile applications, where the turbidity value is to be determined directly in the sample
  • Used in combination with an AS/IDS-x cable of lengths of up to 100 m thanks to its universal plug head extending its range of analysis.

Technical Specifications

  • Parameter; FNU or NTU
  • Working temperature; -5 to 50°C
  • Storage temperature; -20 to 80°C
  • Measuring range; 0 to 4000 FNU
  • Accuracy; - 0 to 900 FNU = 0.3 FNU or ±2% (depending which is larger) - 1000 to 4000 FNU = ±5% of the value
  • Response time; T63 < 2s
  • The wavelength of the incident light; 860 nm ±15 nm
  • Measuring angle; 90°
  • Pressure resistance (IP 68) 10 bar
  • Connection AS/IDS-x cable 1.5 to 100 m
For further information please contact support@camlab.co.uk and/or visit our website and view the VisoTurb 900-P and 3510 IDS - Professional multi-parameter handheld meter listings.
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