Portability of weighing instruments

Portability of weighing instruments
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Portability of weighing instruments

There are many situations where weighing in the lab isn’t possible and measurements need to be taken in the field. In these cases, a portable balance is needed and there are various features to consider based on your application to achieve the most reliable results. Not all instruments are considered portable in the same way. These are the main features you need to consider when looking for a portable device:


Electricity is not available everywhere and there are not always available plug sockets. If you are measuring samples in the field, a balance that can operate without a plug socket or an external power source is vital. To cater for this, certain balances are supplied with batteries. These can be charged before setting off with a USB power source or with an in car power adapter.


Some balances are built to withstand different environmental influences and conditions. Out in the field, conditions are not consistent and balances will need to be carried around which can affect their performance. The more durable the balance is, the easier it will be to transport as it is less likely to break and more likely to give accurate results in even the most difficult conditions.


The larger the balance, the more difficult it is to carry around. The smaller and lighter a piece of equipment is, the easier it is to manoeuvre and transport. Subsequently, portable scales tend to be small enough to fit in a bag such as a backpack for people to keep on them. Therefore, the size of a balance is an important consideration.



The easier the set up is of a balance, the easier it is to move around. Certain balances have a level indicator, which can show you if you are positioned on an uneven surface so you know to adjust the placement. In addition to this, some come with adjustable feet that can help correct this error.

Adam Core portable balance

Camlab recommends the Adam Equipment Core Series of portable balances. The range has been designed with the above factors in mind to assist with portable measurement taking.

This series is battery operated with a mains adapter also supplied. They will automatically turn off when not in use to conserve power. A removable draft shield is supplied with this balance to help mitigate issues caused by external environmental conditions.

In addition, Adam Equipment's trademarked three-point ShockProtect technology helps prevent damage to internal components and assists in the durability of a balance. This can be caused by overloading or dropping the device.

The Adam Equipment Core Series of balances are available different sizes with varying maximum weights and readability for you to find a size best suited for your needs.

In conclusion, these four aspects - power, durability, size and setup - are important to consider for your needs from a portable balance. To browse our range of portable balances, click here. For more information, contact us by email to support@camlab.co.uk or by phone on 01954 233120.

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