Osmometer simplifies milk analysis

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Osmometer simplifies milk analysis
According to milk quality rules the freezing point of milk should not be above – 0.515°C, otherwise it has been diluted and it is not allowed. This freezing point is equal to a total Osmolality of 277 mosm from an aqueous solution.  A freezing point Osmometer is well suited for determination because determination of total Osmolality will be done by a comparison of freezing point of an unknown sample with pure water at 0°C. [caption id="attachment_623" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="MOD200PLUS osmometer"][/caption] Löser Osmometer MOD200Plus will be especially suitable because it is possible to display measuring values both in mosm/kg H2O or m°C for precise freezing point. For example some milk samples with different dilution levels mixed with water were measured with this Osmometer. Pure milk was usual fresh milk with a minimum of 3.5 % fat. You get the following averages for the Osmolality of different dilution levels:
Dilution level Measured Osmolality in mosm/kg H2O Freezing point in °C
pure 286 -0,531
10% 254 -0,472
15% 241 -0,448
20% 219 -0,407
50% 152 -0,282
This gives an average depression of measured Osmolality of –3 mosm per 1% water added in comparison to undiluted fresh milk. Display of precise freezing point can be easily switched from mosm to m°C with the menu of Löser Osmometer MOD200Plus. Then the output on display and data interfaces will be in the desired unit. It provides further a graphic display with menu led operation and error messages with six selectable languages.  All configuration can be easily done with the built-in keyboard. Also included as standard are data interfaces for PC, printer and scanner. One great advantage is the integrated sample identification. Every measurement can have an sample identification number of up to 17 characters or numbers. Input is possible with the keyboard or a connected barcode scanner. The Osmometer adds date and time to this number and stores it with the measuring value. The customer is thus able to document the last 100 measurements and calibrations clearly. All this available from stock in the Uk at Camlab Ltd
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