Ohaus Guardian Hot Top Safety Features

Ohaus Guardian Hot Top Safety Features
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Ohaus Guardian Hot Top Safety Features

Ohaus Guardian series of hotplate stirrers consists of the 2000, 3000, 5000 and 7000 series. The uses range from being ideal for educational and laboratory applications, to research, academic and industrial applications. This blog will go over their Hot Top Indicator to help increase safety in the lab.

Hot Top Indicator

The Guardian hotplate stirrers have a unique safety feature to protect users in the lab - the hot top indicator provides a visual aid to notify you that the top plate is hot to the touch to prevent accidental burns. To keep users safe, all Ohaus Guardian models have the hot top indicator light.

The indicator light is a 13mm triangle and is a prominent feature on all models from 2000 to 7000. Once the hotplate reaches 40oC, the indicator light turns on and will stay on even when the power is switched off. Once the hotplate temperature drops below 40oC, the light will turn off.

Ohaus Guardian Hotplates heated above 40oC

Ohaus Guardian Hotplates when switched off

The Guardian hotplates will also display the word 'HOT' when switched off - except for on the 2000 series as this does not have a screen. Once cooled the hot top light will turn off and the word hot will disappear

This information was provided courtesy of Ohaus

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