No need to silence Big Ben, 3M Peltor LightCom are designed for the job!!

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No need to silence Big Ben, 3M Peltor LightCom are designed for the job!!
There is no need to silence Big Ben when 3M provide a complete range of noise cancelling ear defenders made for the job. Peltor Lite com plus are the recommended hearing protection for engineers working on large bell towers like Big Ben for extended periods of time, when conversations are required, but loud background noises are not.
The 3M PELTOR LiteCom and LiteCom Plus boasts the same great features as the standard LiteCom (hands-free communication up to 1km), with the additional level dependent function. This feature allows the user to be better connected with their immediate environment, hearing ambient sounds such as conversation and warning signals.
[caption id="attachment_12173" align="aligncenter" width="490"]3M Peltor LiteCom Plus 3M Peltor LiteCom Plus[/caption]
  • Built-in level-dependent function let's wearers hear ambient sound, such as conversation, machine sounds and warning signals
  • Amplifies weak sounds; attenuates sudden impulse noises at harmful levels
  • It’s easy to connect a mobile phone or external communication radio, regardless of the frequency
  • For safety reasons, the external system has signal priority
  • Connect an MP3 player or FM radio and listen to news and music
  • Communication on 8 channels, each with 38 sub-channels in the PMR 446MHz band 121 sub-channels allowing several users to communicate individually using the same channel
Camlab provide the full range of 3M Peltor hearing protection including Communication headphones, Ear Defenders, Ear Muffs and ear plugs.
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