Nimbus Series of Precision and Analytical Balances Introduced from Adam

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Nimbus Series of Precision and Analytical Balances Introduced from Adam
The new series of Nimbus balances from Adam deliver powerful performance and a superior weighing experience to every type of laboratory. Nimbus replaces the PGL, PW and PGW balance range. Innovative design enables a compact footprint, so the balance occupies minimal space in the lab, yet retaining high performance reproducibility. The weighing system of the Nimbus is fabricated using hardened materials that are capable of tolerating rigorous lab use. [caption id="attachment_6069" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Nimbus Group Nimbus Group[/caption] Nimbus features:
  • Comprehensive communication with printers and computers through standard USB and RS-232 interfaces
  • Third interface allows connection to a remote display
  • Printouts include date time stamps for tracking within GLP
  • Handles parts counting, percentage weighing, density weighing for liquids or solids
  • Navigation buttons are large and colour coded
  • Text prompts remind users of the function/weighing mode on the brightly lit LCD screen
  • Level Indicator and adjusting feet
  • 15 models in the range -Analytical models have an enclosed weighing chamber made of glass.
  • Top loading models with 0.001g readability come with a draft shield of round glass to minimise the effects of air movement.
  • Readabilities of 0.1mg to 0.1gram
Click here for more information on the Nimbus range.  
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