New Stuart SI600 Shaking incubator

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New Stuart SI600 Shaking incubator
SI600open Stuart Equipment  introduces new high capacity shaking incubator for cell culture applications. The new Stuart SI600 with built-in orbital shaker has a capacity of 115 litres - more than double that of the existing Stuart SI500 - and can accommodate up to six 2 litre Erlenmeyer flasks. Both of these benchtop systems are equipped with Biocote antimicrobial protection and are ideal for use in cell culture, especially suspension culture applications, with the larger SI600 supporting growing demands for larger scale production. The Stuart SI600 incubator is designed for reliable, convenient operation. Like the Stuart SI500 it includes a unique retractable platform for effortless loading and unloading. Under normal use the platform is locked in place but can be drawn forward from the chamber to give easy to access to samples at the back. Accurate maintenance of a stable and uniform temperature is essential for reliable results over extended periods. Microprocessor control delivers long-term temperature stability, with forced air circulation ensuring uniformity throughout the incubator. Separate control of temperature and shaker speed guards against accidental temperature adjustment, while USB enabled communication allows long term tracking of the incubator temperature. A wide range of stainless steel accessory racks is available with angle-adjustable holders for 1.5ml, 15ml and 50ml sample tubes. These racks magnetically couple to the orbiting platform so require no tools to fix into place. Additionally, the flexible sample platform can accommodate a variety of flasks without the need to add tulip clamps or use tools to secure. "With life scientists under pressure to scale up production of cell growth, the ability to use larger flasks in the new Stuart SI600 enables researchers to increase their chances of success by being able to produce more cells," said Rob Skehens, Marketing Director of Bibby Scientific. "The Stuart SI range is also equipped with BioCote® antimicrobial protection technology. This is a silver ion treatment that helps to reduce levels of bacterial contamination in laboratory equipment, and helps users conform to the principles of good laboratory practice (GLP)." All Stuart equipment products are available from Camlab
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