New Portable Spectrophotometer - includes nephelometric correction

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New Portable Spectrophotometer - includes nephelometric correction

The new NANOCOLOR Advance portable spectrophotometer from MACHEREY-NAGEL works with their extensive range of colourimetric test kits for water and wastewater analysis. This instrument provides an alternative to their photometer and spectrophotometer range. It includes a touch screen display that allows user-friendly interactions similar to a smartphone or tablet as well as including the ability to measure absorbed light offering the possibility to determine the nephelometric turbidity units by measuring the light scattering at a 90° angle.
NANOCOLOR Advance Spectrophotometer Overview

The key features include:

  • A high-precision spectrophotometer with a  wavelength spectrum of 340 - 800 nm
  • Portability in a rugged ergonomic design
  • Flexibility in being able to use battery and mainly power as well as connections for LAN and USB
  • Varying corvette sizes can be used
  • Bar code recognition of test analytes is included.

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