New Hach LCK 310 Chlorine cuvette package

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New Hach LCK 310 Chlorine cuvette package
[caption id="attachment_2227" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="LCK310 chlorine"]LCK310 chlorine[/caption] With the launch of the new Hach 3900 spectrophotometer, the packaging of the LCK 310 cuvette test has changed. From now on you will find 24 instead of 38 cuvette tests in one package. The Good news is: The price for a single test stays the same. You can use the new cuvette tests with the predecessor spectrophotometer products, Hach Dr2800, Hach DR3800. The reaction time for measurement of chlorine has been reduced from 2 minutes to 1 minute. You find further information inside the package. For all you Hach water testing reagents in UK stock contact Camlab, or fill out the form below for us to contact you.
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