Mettler Toledo Handheld Refractometer MyBrix

Mettler Toledo Handheld Refractometer MyBrix
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Mettler Toledo Handheld Refractometer MyBrix

The Brix scale is used to measure the sugar content of food and beverages which is useful to know when evaluating the quality of produce. This can be useful for checking produce to see if its ripe enough before harvesting. This meter can be used to measure fruits, jams, pastes, juices and more.

The new Mettler Toledo handheld refractometer MyBrix is used for instant and affordable sugar analysis. Features include:

  • A full Brix range and 10 integrated sugar-related scales for fast measurements of almost any food and beverage sample
  • This meter is compact, robust and weatherproof (IP65 rated) making this portable device ideal for field and on-site testing.
  • The MyBrix meter measures the refractive index and sugar content instantly and precisely – results received within 2 seconds in desired scale
  • Easy to clean with a shallow stainless steel prism dish to facilitate cleaning and avoid cross contamination
  • Up to 10,000 readings can be performed with one set of batteries. There is an auto power off mode to optimise power consumption

This meter is also designed to work with the Mettler Toledo Densito handheld density meter.

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