Memmert introduce a large capacity Constant Climate Chamber - HPP1400 available now to order

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Memmert introduce a large capacity Constant Climate Chamber - HPP1400 available now to order
Memmert's new climatic chamber, the HPP1400 is breaking new ground in its XXL format, its tailored to provide environmental simulation but on a large scale. The New Memmert climate chamber is the largest of its type on the market that does not require energy intensive cooling compressors or conventional heating.  As with all appliances in the HPP series, the environmentally friendly Memmert Peltier concept is used for both heating and cooling. Its energy advantages are especially beneficial at constant temperatures close to ambient temperature. If you are material testing or stability testing within ICH guidelines on a grand scale then this climatic chamber is all you need. Technical Data-Temperature and Humidity It has wide working temperature range of +15 °C (at least 10 below ambient) up to +60 °C with an accuracy of 0.1°C  The 2 Pt100 sensors in a 4 wire circuit mutually monitor the temperature value. Humidity range is 10-80% rh with a setting accuracy humidity of 0.5%, the humidity is generated via a hot steam generator. Dehumidifying controlled by cold trap Peltier technology. Control Technology: TwinDISPLAY adaptive mult-ifunctional digital PID microprocessor with 2 high definition TFT screens HeatBALANCE - adapting the distribution of the heating performance of the upper and lower heating circuit from -50 to +50°C SetpointWAIT - the process time starts when the set temperature is reached. Calibration - three freely selectable temperature values, 2 point calibration for himidity. Communication: Ethernet LAN, USB AtomCONTROL software on a USB stick for programming, managing and transferring programs via Ethernet interface or USB port. Standard Equipment: Water tank including connection hose 4 stainless steel grids Works Calibration Certificate: standard values +10°C and +37°C, 60 % rh at +30°C Volume 1360L FDA compliant Memmert HPP1400   see more on the Memmert HPP1400
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