Measuring food consistency

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Measuring food consistency
We often get asked about measurements in food and a key measurement is the consistency of sauces, jams and other foodstuffs such as yoghurt's and creams. The simplest way to measure this is with a bostwick consistometer. An example of how to use this for tomato sauce is demonstrated in this video from a Food company in the US. The bostwick consistometer is available from Camlab and can be purchased online for delivery around Europe with a credit card, or you can contact Camlab using the form below.
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Cecilia Leung
Can I have the quotation and catalogue of Bostwick Consistometer
Emma Atkin
Hi Cecilia, many thanks for your comment on the blog. You can see the price of our bostwick consistometers on our website here: If you would like an official quotation please email Kind regards, Camlab Support
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