Introducing The New Bead Ruptor Elite - 2021 Model

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Introducing The New Bead Ruptor Elite - 2021 Model

Omni have released an updated version of their trusty Bead Ruptor Elite bead mill homogeniser (part number 19-042E), which replaces the model sold between 2015-2020 (part number: 19-040E). Spares, and accessories for the superseded model including the tube carriages will be available, at a minimum, for the next five years.

New for 2021 - Redesigned Omni Bead Ruptor Elite

The Bead Ruptor Elite is a bead homogeniser which allows for homogenisation processing of a medium to high throughput of samples with volumes in the range of 20ul to 50mL. It has a convenient front-loading design and intuitive touch screen user interface. It is ideal for applications including PCR preparation, tissue homogenisation, protein purification and more. If sample temperature if of a concern, there is the ability to connect a secondary cryo cooling unit that is available for purchase separately. We have also written this guide on selecting the right homogeniser.

The new Bead Ruptor Elite has all of the same great features as its predecessor, but has had the hub which holds the tube carriages on completely redesigned. It is for this reason, that tube carriages between the old and new models are not interchangeable. Each unit is now supplied with a finger plate which is used to hold the tubes in place during processing.

Old and new Omni BR elite tube hub
Left: Old design of tube hub, Right: New design of tube hub

The selection of tube carriages available has been streamlined and the popular 15ml size now has an increased capacity of 12 tubes, which is up from 3 in the old model. Tube carriages are available in the with following capacities:

  • 24 x 1.5mL
  • 24 x 2.0mL (will also hold 24 x 0.5mL tubes)
  • 12 x 7.0mL
  • 12 x 15mL
  • 6 x 30mL
  • 3 x 50 mL

If you have any questions on the new Bead Ruptor Elite or still have the old version, then Camlab can help. Please email us at

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