I need an ammonia test for 20ppm ammonia which one do I pick?

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I need an ammonia test for 20ppm ammonia which one do I pick?
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="LCK ammonia testing"]LCK ammonia testing[/caption] Camlab supplies a huge range of test kits for parameters Ammonia to Zinc. selecting the correct kit can seem difficult as there are a wide array of options for many parameters. Ammonia is a common parameter for measuring wastewater and the ranges of tests vary quite widely, There are many tests looking at 0-1ppm Ammonia as this is a common level in fresh water. Simple kits are available such as the Checkit Comparitor, there are also simple colorimeter devices such as the camlab pocket colorimeter. For higher ranges there are not so many simple options in terms of portable kits only the Palintest ammonia colorimeter and the Hach pocket colorimeter for LCK vials are suitabel for measuring above 10ppm ammonia. Remember both of these options come with prefilled tubes of reagents which need to be disposed of properly after use and you will need to have some method for measuring out the sample into the tube accuratelly to make your measurment, such as a pipette.   Contact camlab for all of your water testing needs using the form below or call the office on 01954 233110
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