I need a simple chlorine measurement?

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I need a simple chlorine measurement?
Need a simple chlorine measurement for water samples? Chlorine is a widely used disinfectant for water treatment.  It is easily applied and very effective for the deactivation of pathogenic microorganisms. Chlorine is fairly persistent and relatively low cost, products such as Instachlor can be used with little or no instruction. There are a number of simple ways to measure Chlorine. Test Strips: Test strips are simple to use and easy to transport, The presence of free chlorine changes the colour of the strip which you compare to a scale. The results are OK for indication but will not give you an accurate reading.examples would include the ITS test strips listed here . Simply dip the strip into the sample and wait then take a reading. [caption id="attachment_1534" align="alignleft" width="140" caption="Check it test kit"]Check it test kit[/caption]
Test kits: Test kits are simple tests usually using a visual colour or colour change to give a reading. simple single parameter test kits supplied by Tintometer and Hach Lange such as the Chlorine Checkit test kit  and the Hach Chlorine test kit CN-70 are available with different ranges and styles of reagents. These complete kits are more accurate that the strips. the sample is taken, a reagent added and a colour change will occur, the colour is check against a scale and the reading taken. They are simple to use but require good light to get a consistent reading.  [caption id="attachment_631" align="alignright" width="107" caption="Camlab Water pocket colorimeter"]camlab water CW1000+[/caption] Colorimeters: Single parameter colourimeters are probably the most accurate way to make this measurement in the field. They operate in a similar way to the test kits, a sample is taken, reagent added a colour change will occur but the colorimeter measure the colour so no human judgement is involved in the colour assessment. Colorimeters such as the Hach Pocket II and the Camlab water CW1000+ are examples of simple battery powered colorimeters for chlorine.
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