How to work out the thread size on a bottle, barrel or container

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How to work out the thread size on a bottle, barrel or container
If you are looking for a pump to dispense liquid from a bottle or barrel, you may need to know the thread size of the container neck. Sometimes this will be written on the inside of the cap, or given in the specifications of the product. However if the thread size is unknown is it simple to work out by measuring it yourself, as explained below. [caption id="attachment_11593" align="aligncenter" width="405"] A range of thread adapters to fit Burkle pumps to various containers - here is how to work out the container thread size[/caption] Burkle offer an extensive range of liquid pumps to dispense liquids from containers, bottles and barrels in scientific, industrial, food production and other environments. To make sure the pumps will fit all containers, they also offer a range of adapters so you can adapt any bottle to any pump. In order to choose the right one(s) you first need to work out the thread size, as shown below; thread size

How to work out the thread size of a bottle, barrel or container

  1. First ascertain if you have an external thread (ridges outside, shown in blue above) or an internal thread (ridges inside, shown in orange above)
  2. Use calipers to make the measuring easier, but carefully using a ruler is possible - measure the two distances stated above
  3. Identify the thread size using the table below;
 Distance A (mm) Distance B (mm) Distance C (mm) Thread description Thread type
53 5 50.5 51mm DIN 51 Sawtooth
 59-60 6 55.8 61mm DIN 60 Sawtooth
61 6 55.8 61mm DIN 61 Sawtooth
71 6 66.5 71mm DIN 71 Sawtooth
59 2.2 57.5 2" BSP / R2" steel drum fine thread Standard
64.5 5 60 63mm, 64mm BSI Sawtooth
33.5 3 32.7 35mm Round / Std
69.5 5.5 65 2" coarse Mauser L-ring Sawtooth
56 3.5 52.5 Tri-Sure, 2" coarse thread v. Leer, Tri-sure Sawtooth
63.2 4.25 57.5 US drum thread Sawtooth
To find out more about Burkle liquid pumps and the related thread adapters, follow the links above or contact us if you have any questions;
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Harper Campbell
It's good to know that when it comes to getting an industrial barrel that there are different things that help make sure that we use it to the best of the ability. I like how you mentioned that there is an extensive range of pumps that help dispense liquids from them. This is helpful so that we are able to use them to the best of our abilities, no matter what we are needing them for.