How to install the W4000 Bibby Merit Water Still

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How to install the W4000 Bibby Merit Water Still
The W4000 Bibby Merit Water Still is a great option for labs needing small quantities of distilled water. The still connects to a basic mains water supply and allows you to generate 4L per hour of distilled water compliant with European Pharmacopoeia and ASTM Type 4 [caption id="attachment_11833" align="alignleft" width="300"]A fully assembled W4000 Water Still A fully assembled W4000 Water Still[/caption] The still arrives as parts and needs assembly and connecting - but the installation is easy following the video instructions below. Install a W4000 Bibby Merit water still using the video instructions here;   If you have any questions about water stills or other laboratory equipment, just contact us;
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