How Memmert Peltier units save energy and improve accuracy vs traditional compressor type appliances

Memmert HPP Constant Climate Chamber
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How Memmert Peltier units save energy and improve accuracy vs traditional compressor type appliances
Memmert launched their first peltier cooled incubator, the IPP model, in 2000 and followed with the contant climate chambers, HPP series, in 2008. Now thousands of these durable, low maintenance, low energy and high-precision Memmert Peltier units are in use globally. We've explored how the German manufacturer makes use of technology to ensure their units save energy while also improving accuracy. [caption id="attachment_7351" align="aligncenter" width="489"] The HPP Constant Climate chamber allows precise control of temperature and humidity, with the option of adding light - ideal for stability testing.[/caption]


In modern testing, whether in pharmacology, food, cosmetics, cell biology, immunology or biotechnology, experiments must be accurate, repeatable and documentable. All models in the constant climate chamber (HPP) and cooled incubator (IPP) ranges run using Peltier technology, which offers excellent uniformity of temperature - for example the HPP110 model shows uniformity of just ±0.4°C at 37°C. Even when fully loaded, excellent stability of temperature and humidity is guaranteed in the two largest models HPP1060 and HPP1400 with the HeatBALANCE function. As well as stable, accurate temperatures you should be able to monitor, record and document the process to prove the precision; Memmert's constant climate chambers HPP and cooled incubators IPP offer interfaces for programming, storage and printout of temperature controlled processes for complete traceability. The Peltier based appliances are also network-capable, and the optional AtmoCONTROL software allows for FDA-compliant documentation.  

Saving Energy

With their Peltier based technology the Memmert HPP and IPP series seamlessly heat and cool in one system. The Peltier system not only offers the highest precision of temperature control, but also offers energy-efficient operation; they use up to 90% less energy than conventional compressor based appliances. As the Peltier system is purely electronic, there is also the advantage of nearly no vibrations (ideal when working with protein crystallisation or other delicate samples) and extremely quiet operation.   Find out more about Peltier technology, Memmert and their HPP Constant Climate chambers or IPP Cooled Incubators by following the links above or contact us if you have any questions;
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