How do I clean the probe on a Loser Osmometer?

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How do I clean the probe on a Loser Osmometer?
Question: How do I clean the probe on a Loser Osmometer? Answer: The Loser Micro-digital Osmometer is a freezing point depression Osmometer, ideal for use in laboratories. [caption id="attachment_337" align="aligncenter" width="240"] Micro-digital Osmometer MOD200PLUS[/caption] The Osmometer needs little maintenance except for the cleaning of the thermistor and freezing needle, however the thermistor may need cleaning dependent on the sample type. Alcohol such as IPA will be suitable for cleaning but a better option would be to use a product called Klercide 70/30 ( 1137662). Hints and tips for smooth operation. Blocking the needle with frozen water is prevented under normal conditions by the automatic thawing function. The thawing water from the needle cooling aperture is automatically sucked off and collected in the waste bottle. Note: This waste may contain infectious residues of samples. Dispose of this correctly. In case of very high humidity  the needle can get blocked. Manual thawing is recommended, selectable by the menu. A beep indicates the end of the thawing process. The menu also allows the cleaning of the needle aperture. Select the corresponding item of the «Service» menu and follow the displayed advice. To fill with cleaning fluid only use the soft plastic-funnel delivered with the osmometer to prevent any damage of the needle aperture. Never use force or sharp or pointed tools. For cleanig fluid use only water. Wipe needle tip carefully with a wet cloth  (water or Klercide). Depending on the number of measurements a daily clean is recommended. It is necessary  to clean  at least once a week. With organic samples the cleaning will be probably be necessary more than once  a day because the needle tip becomes water-repellent and  ice crystals will accumulate. The probe must not be cleaned with any chlorinated products - it causes corrosion, particularly around the freezing wells. Spare thermistors are available along with microcentrifuge tubes and Standards.    
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