How can I use Adam DU software to export my weighing results to a PC from an Adam balance?

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How can I use Adam DU software to export my weighing results to a PC from an Adam balance?

The Adam DU software allows you to connect up to 8 of their balances or scales to a PC. From here you can view and manage collected data from each balance. The software also allows you to graphically present data and perform basic statistical analyses, and also export to other programmes such as Microsoft Excel or Statistical Analyses software packages to perform more complex data analysis.

Features of Adam DU Software

  • Keep tighter control of weighing operations and integrate weighing tasks into processes
  • Reading can be presented on a graph in real-time
  • Perform statistical analysis (Min, max, median, mean, variance and standard deviation) on results in real-time
  • Export readings in numerous file formats - Text, CSV, HTML, XML
  • Export readings to other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Word
  • Capture custom data along with the data readings from the scale - supports up to 6 additional user defined data fields that can be manually input by the user
  • Interact with the connected scales by sending remote commands to control certain aspects - this is ideal for situations where you only have remote access to the scale
  • Log calibration reports
  • Collect date and time with readings and where supported, the scale's serial number for unique identification of data
  • Search for readings
  • The Adam DU software also has features such as playing the readings aloud to help visually impaired users.
  • Plus more
The Adam DU capturing custom data entered by a user, in addition to reading from the scale.

What balances are compatible?

The Adam DU software can be used in conjunction with many of their balances, including the Nimbus, Solis, Equinox, Eclipse and more.

You can download the user manual for further reading on how to use the software and it's features.

How do I buy the software?

The Adam DU software is available to purchase on our website. You can also check out our entire range of Adam Equipment balances.

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