How can I monitor the pH of multiple samples at once?

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How can I monitor the pH of multiple samples at once?
For experiments or studies where several samples need to be compared, it is best to run all of them at once. This not only reduces the potential for variations and ensures consistency but it also saves time. This can present problems in monitoring, but the TRUEscience smart pH cap offers a way to monitor the pH of up to 6 samples simultaneously. [caption id="attachment_10491" align="aligncenter" width="575"] The TRUEscience smart pH meter allows up to 6 samples to be monitored simultaneously[/caption] The TRUEscience pH system consists of a wireless smart cap which communicates via Bluetooth to an android app. [caption id="attachment_10493" align="alignright" width="320"]TRUEscience multi cap screen The Multi-Cap screen showing the live readings from 3 separate samples at once - up to 6 can be displayed this way[/caption] Up to 6 caps can speak to one android device at a time, meaning you can monitor multiple samples at once. The multi-cap view shows all of pH and temperature readings live. As the Bluetooth range is around 50m, this could be used to monitor different locations (for example read a cap sited in the next room) or simply used as 3x caps together but with the electrode placed in different samples.   The TRUEscience smart pH system is available as a full kit which includes an android tablet, smart cap, pH electrode, charging stand for the tablet, storage stand for the electrode, and QR code buffers. There is also the option to take just a cap with electrode, so once you have an Android device you can just add more caps and have up to 6 communicating with one tablet at a time. To find out more about the TRUEscience smart pH system, follow the links above or contact us with any questions;
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