Hach launch new portable HQ meters, replacing HQd and sension+ ranges

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Hach launch new portable HQ meters, replacing HQd and sension+ ranges

Hach have just launched their new HQ meters - a range of robust portable electrochemistry meters ideal for use in the field and beyond. Models are available with up to three input channels and have advanced features that you would not normally find in a portable meter.

The HQ range by Hach are robust, portable electrochemistry meters.


  • Simple and easy calibration - most measuring issues are down to incorrect calibration procedures. With the illustrated, step-by-step on-screen calibration and troubleshooting procedures calibration is simple even for beginner users. Intellical probes are automatically recognised and you can even set calibration reminders at your desired intervals.
  • Easy data management - unlike other portable meters, the HQ range allows you to view and manage data on the meter itself. You can also simply transfer your data to a PC with the included USB cable or you can take advantage of additional data validation when you connect the meter to Claros Data Management Software (available separately).
  • Advanced features - such a PIN protection and step - by -step on screen instructions.
  • Robust with IP67 waterproof rating - the entire HQ range has enhanced robustness for field use such as waterproof rating and impact resistant casing.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with USB power adapter
  • Huge selection of Intellical electrodes for any application - the HQ range is compatible with the Intellical probe range which features both laboratory and rugged field electrodes in a wide variety of parameters. Intellical electrodes are smart and are automatically recognised by HQ meters, retain calibration history and method settings to minimise errors and setup time. They incorporate proven technology to deliver superior accuracy and response times – even when measuring challenging samples or challenging operating environments.

Range Overview

The HQ meters are available in a number of model types:

  • HQ1110 - 1 channel pH/ORP meter 
  • HQ1130 - 1 channel dissolved oxygen (DO) meter
  • HQ1140 - 1 channel conductivity/TDS meter
  • HQ2100 - 1 channel multi parameter (excluding ISE)
  • HQ2200 - 2 channel multi parameter (excluding ISE)
  • HQ4100 - 1 channel multi parameter with ISE
  • HQ4200 - 2 channel multi parameter with ISE
  • HQ4300 - 3 channel multi parameter with ISE

The HQ1110 - HQ2220 feature a black and white display and the HQ4100,4200 and 4300 also a colour display with enhanced data storage capacity.

The meters are available for purchase separately or in a selection of starter bundles containing the most popular probes along with any consumables and a lab or field storage case.

How is the HQ different to the HQd meters?

The HQ series meters replace the handheld HQd range along with handheld Sension+ meters.

Features HQ series meters HQd Range
Reliable, accurate electrochemistry measurements – standard lab and rugged field Intellical™ smart sensors are automatically recognized by both meter, retain calibration history and method settings to minimize errors and setup time, and incorporate proven technology to deliver superior accuracy and response times Yes Yes
Claros Enabled– The Water Intelligence System from Hach®, provides you greater confidence in your data, resulting in improved efficiencies in your plant’s operation. Yes No
Perfect for Use in Harsh Field Environments– Waterproof, fully IP67 meter with rugged hardware features including probe connectors and USB ports. Yes No
Step-by-Step Instructions for Troubleshooting– Walkthrough screens that utilize both text and visuals with actionable troubleshooting help along the way. Yes No
Data Management Sort and Filter Functionality – Intuitive UI with customer “Sort and Filter” feature that can be directly exported from the meter to your PC. Yes No

The HQ range is now available for purchase through our website. If you have any questions relating to this, please feel free to contact us at support@camlab.co.uk.

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