Endecotts Sieve Production: Change is Coming

Endecotts Sieve Production
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Endecotts Sieve Production: Change is Coming

Endecotts have moved to an automated production of their 200mm/8” stainless steel sieves. This will improve the quality of sieve reproducibility and shorter lead times. These new sieves are still compatible with the old style with all the same great features.

These include:

  • Sturdy frame – made from stainless steel to help reduce corrosion and makes the cleaning of the sieve easy.
  • Stacking – with the curved rim around the sieve to handle and stack the sieve with ease.
  • Electropolished both inside and out.
  • Optimised profile – to prevent the accumulation of residues from samples or cleaning fluids.
  • O-ring for optimised sealing and reduces noise when using shakers.
  • Improved welding of the frame to prevent cross contamination by minimising grooves and areas that samples may become trapped in.
  • A compliance certificate that is supplied with every sieve.
  • Evenly tensioned mesh for precise apertures.
  • Laser engraving for the labelling on the sieve for full traceability.

Endecotts sieve and certificate of compliance

Items changing to automated production:

  • Full and half height sieves
  • Perforated plate sieves
  • Microplate sieves
  • Extra deep/wet washing sieves
  • Lids and receiver
  • Wet sieving receiver

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