Electrothermal products now available from Camlab

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Electrothermal products now available from Camlab
With the aquisition of Electrothermal by Bibby Scientific, Electrothermal products are now available through Camlab. We are working to get the full range of products onto our website in the interim you can just email your requirements here [caption id="attachment_1859" align="alignleft" width="167" caption="Electrothermal"][/caption] Electrothermal, an Essex based company founded in 1941, is a specialist in precisely controlled heating and cooling applications. Using this expertise the company has developed an extensive range of products including heaters and controllers for the research and teaching laboratory, reaction stations which are commonly used by the pharmaceutical industry for optimising reaction conditions and Vehicle Mounted Vessels which have widespread use in military vehicles for the heating of water and the provision of hot food and drinks for troops.
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