Caring for your glasswasher

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Caring for your glasswasher
To get the best out of your new glass washer, we recommend that:
  • you use qualified and experienced engineers to connect, test and commission the glass washer
  • you carry out regular user maintenance in accordance with the manuals and as summarised below
  • you have the glass washer fully maintained /serviced annually by qualified and trained engineers
Set to work and training If you have chosen to use Camlab engineers to commission your glasswasher, this will include powering the washer, running the test programs, priming the lines (where required) and providing basic user training. Please note that external engineers must connect the glasswasher to all your supplies including water, drain and power. Cleaning and maintenance User cleaning and maintenance In order to prolong the life of your glasswasher and maintain the initial or extended warranties offered (see below), please complete the following cleaning and maintenance activities: 1. Maintain a good level of softening salt, detergent and neutralising agent in the cans 2. Regularly check and clean the water outlet holes on the spray arm 3. Regularly check and clean the sump filters 4. Regularly run a thermal disinfection program with an empty glasswasher 5. Clean the water solenoid valve intake filters by pouring hot water through them (remove filters first) 6. Clean the intake and outlet hoses of the detergent and neutralising agent pumps 7. Regularly check and clean the door seals and hinges 8. Regularly check the integrity of the water connection Annual service and maintenance Your glasswasher should be fully serviced by a qualified and trained Camlab Engineer annually (for under 1000 cycles per year) and bi-annually (for usage above 1000 cycles per year). The service activity includes:
  • Visual inspection of the equipment
  • Check door alignment and operation
  • Check and clean door gasket and bottom door seal
  • Run machine diagnostic mode
  • Inspect electronics
  • Cleaning key components
Delivered warranty Basic Parts Warranty Your glasswasher is supplied with a manufacturer’s 24 months parts only warranty. Parts required for the fixing of any qualifying failure will be supplied free of charge. Basic labour warranty In addition to the manufacturers 24 month parts only warranty, Camlab will repair any qualifying failure free of charge during the first 12 months of delivery. Extended warranty options Warranty Plus  For a period of up to 6 months after delivery of the glasswasher you can extend your warranty to 5 years by taking out one of our Warranty Plus packages. These have been specially designed to provide our customers with great peace of mind and excellent value. Under these Warranty Plus packages: Camlab will repair any qualifying fault at no cost to you for the first 5 years from delivery. This includes the cost of materials, travel and on site labour. Your options include: Warranty Plus standard use – which is perfect for those glasswashers being used under 1000 cycles per year Warranty Plus heavy use – which is perfect for those glasswashers being used over 1000 cycles per year For more information about the costs of warranty for your glasswasher please contact    
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