Can I connect my Palintest 7500 to a PC/Mac

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Can I connect my Palintest 7500 to a PC/Mac
Can I connect my Palintest 7500 to a PC/Mac? [caption id="attachment_5267" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Palintest colorimeter Palintest 7500 colorimeter[/caption]   There is a standard USB A to B cable in the kit supplied with the Palintest 7500.  When you plug the instrument into a PC then it will then act just like a flash drive and you can drag the 7500log.txt file onto the PC. This text file can be  further processed in programmes such as Excel.  No special software or drivers are needed to get this working.  In the Palintest 7500 system menu there is a setting for USB port (USB or Serial).  This should be set to USB to perform this function. Unfortunately the Palintest 7500 won't communicate with a Mac at the present time. The full range of palintest products are available from Camlab in the UK. Contact us for more information.
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