Camlab Microscope finds its way home after 60 years!!

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Camlab Microscope finds its way home after 60 years!!
This lovely old microscope was provided to the Cambridge University Department of Zoology by us in the mid 1950's and was spotted by one of our employees whilst loading our ebay shop, Camlab Outlet The scope is in remarkable condition and the only signs of age are small rust spots on the hinges of the case. The case also has the original badge residing on the inside of the door:  "Supplied by CAMLAB (Glass) Ltd CAMBRIDGE". It even has the original accessories and mounting mediums in the wooden drawer shown below. [caption id="attachment_7141" align="aligncenter" width="213"]Camlab's 50's Microscope Camlab's 50's Microscope[/caption] The microscope was listed with some interesting anecdotal information: This microscope was provided to the University Department of Zoology by CAMLAB, a famous Cambridge company which began as glassblower's. Robert Hirsch who founded CAMLAB refused to use a hearse for his funeral. His coffin was transported in the family firms van! On winding up the business he left the profits in trust for the benefit of the workforce. Read more about the Hirsch trust here. Camlab Demo-Van 1950 Camlab are thrilled to have bought the microscope back, and it will be on display in our foyer as a reminder of past times when Camlab started providing laboratory equipment as well as hand blown glassware to our customers.
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