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Palintest’s history dates back to the 1800s when Wilkinson and Simpson was first formed. However, the pioneering moment in their history came in the 1950s as Dr Palin pioneered the use of DPD for field analysis of free and total chlorine; making water analysis accessible to all.

Today Palintest offers a range of water, environmental test kits and products in applications across environmental monitoring, industrial processes and public health. This range includes:

  • Photometers -  Compact and multiparameter
  • Electrochemical Meters and Probes 
  • Visual Analysis Products 
  • Microbiological Testing 
  • Portable Water Quality Laboratories with the Wagtech range
  • Disinfectants and detection including Kemio Technology for disinfectant and heavy metal detection


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  1. standard 17items


  1. Analogue 1item

electrode body

  1. Epoxy 1item

Electrode connector

  1. BNC 3items
  2. Special 3items


  1. Redox 1item
  2. Oxygen (DO) 1item

Meter Type

  1. Portable single parameter 1item
  2. Portable multiparameter 4items
  3. Stick single parameter 1item


  1. Acidity 2items
  2. Alkalinity 15items
  3. Aluminum 8items
  4. ammonia 18items
  5. Bromine 6items
  6. Cadmium 2items
  7. Calcium 2items
  8. Chloride 4items
  9. chlorine 53items
  10. Chlorine dioxide 5items
  11. Chromium 3items
  12. COD 25items
  13. Conductivity 6items
  14. Copper 7items
  15. cyanuric acid 5items
  16. Fluoride 5items
  17. Hardness 12items
  18. Iron 10items
  19. Lead 2items
  20. Magnesium 4items
  21. Manganese 10items
  22. Molybdenum 6items
  23. Multi 22items
  24. Nickel 4items
  25. Nitrate 8items
  26. Nitrite 11items
  27. Oxygen 1item
  28. ozone 9items
  29. peracetic acid 2items
  30. peroxide 2items
  31. Peroxyacetic Acid 3items
  32. pH 19items
  33. phosphate 3items
  34. Phosphorus 1item
  35. silica 8items
  36. sulphide 6items
  37. TDS 1item
  38. Total Nitrogen 1item
  39. turbidity 4items
  40. Zinc 2items

Volume (ml)

  1. 250 1item


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