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SI Analytics

SI Analytics is a Xylem Brand that supplies the well known TitroLine titrators, AVS viscosity measuring systems, an extensive line of glass capillary viscometers, high-performance laboratory and process electrodes as well as meters for the measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen (DO) and conductivity for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other markets.


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  1. Yes 5items

Chemical type

  1. Buffer 2items
  2. Fill Solution 4items
  3. Standard 2items

Chemical Grade

  1. Standard 4items
  2. Analytical 2items

Electrode body material

  1. Epoxy 6items
  2. glass 27items
  3. metal 3items

Electrode connector

  1. BNC 5items
  2. DIN 2items
  3. Special 50items

Electrode tip

  1. bulb 10items
  2. rod 21items
  3. spear 2items

Meter Type

  1. Portable Single Parameter 21items
  2. Portable Multiparameter 7items
  3. Meter Accessories 1item


  1. Conductivity 4items
  2. Multi 10items
  3. Oxygen 1item
  4. pH 20items


  1. yes 22items
  2. no 5items


  1. Yes 15items
  2. No 1item

Double junction

  1. yes 5items
  2. no 8items


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