Purite Labwater 1 and 2 Deionisers from Suez
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Purite Labwater systems and designed for the low volume, infrequent user of pure water. They are easy to use and feature a disposable cartridge. simply attach the product to the wall and feed tap water into the inlet. Available with a dispensing gun and 2 capacities.

Systems supplied with 2 cartridges wall mountings and Inlet/outlet fittings (tube coil and dispensing gun where specified)

Products in this Range

Products in this Range
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Purite Labwater 1 with 3m coil and dispensing gun
Purite Labwater 2 Water Deioniser System
Purite Labwater 1 Water Deioniser System
Purite Labwater 2 with 3m Coil and Dispensing Gun
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