Fume hood filters

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Fits Fume Hood

  1. Astec 110 items
  2. Bigneat 73 items
  3. Bioair 17 items
  4. Blueair 52 items
  5. Cruma 49 items
  6. Erlab 32 items
  7. Erlab Stores 6 items
  8. Faster Chemfree 13 items
  9. Gelaire 23 items
  10. Gruppo Strola 30 items
  11. International PBI 21 items
  12. Labcaire 58 items
  13. Misonix 28 items
  14. Safelab 73 items

Fume Hood Type

  1. Filter 584 items

Fume Filter type

  1. Pre-Filter 4 items
  2. HEPA Filter 3 items
  3. AS for solvents 212 items
  4. BE for acid vapours 179 items
  5. F for formaldehyde 165 items
  6. K for ammonia 160 items


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Fume hood filters

Camlab are able to provide a wide range of fume hoods and cabinets for use in laboratories and focus on providing the ideal unit to serve your requirements. Whether you require a sophisticated hood system for significant toxic fumes or a more light weight version for nuisance vapours, the solutions can be tailored for your requirements. To ensure that these units are kept running to the optimum level, Camlab also provide a range of fume hood filters.

Particularly where you have a ductless filtration fume hood, it is essential that filters are changed periodically to enable the correct operation of the unit throughout its service life. Although adaptable to placement and a wide range of applications, these units are a more transferable version of the more permanent systems that require an external duct to remove the processed fumes.

The ductless fume hood filters will fit the majority of models both new and older. Ranges include those of Bigneat, Labcaire, ESI, Cruma, and Gelaire Solutions. Indeed, the Asura Filter range is guaranteed to perform as well or even exceed performance in all fully tested units.

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