Horiba's NEW Benchtop Water Quality Meters - LAQUA 1500 Series


1st August 2021 - Horiba's NEW Benchtop Water Quality Meters

The new bench top meters from Horiba are ideal for student training and routine applications. These meters were developed to provide simplicity with excellent on-site usability - from operation and maintenance to troubleshooting. 

Moreover, they provide excellent value for money with all the essential features required for easy multimeter usage:

  • Large Display: The 85 x 104 mm display gives easy viewing and operation.
  • Small footprint - Only 160 x 150 mm footprint
  • Stability Indicator - The smiley face appears when the value is stable
  • Visual Electrode Status Indicator - Shows electrode condition after calibration, giving an accurate indication of the electrode quality. 
  • Clear Keypad - The 9-button operation ensures ease of use. In addition, the flat surface makes cleaning easy. 

The series consists of three versions tailors to common specific needs:



LAQUA PH1500 for the measurement of pH, ORP and temperature 

  • Highly accurate pH and ORP measurements 
  • Automatic temperature compensation 
  • Accepts up to 6 pH calibration points 
  • Auto calibrates USA, NIST, & DIN pH buffers 
  • Displays offset & average slope 
  • Allows 1-point ORP calibration and temperature calibration.



LAQUA EC1500 for the measurement of conductivity, TDS, resistivity, salinity and temperature

  • Accepts up to 5 conductivity calibration points 
  • Automatic calibration at 84μS/cm, 1413μS/cm, 12.88mS/cm, & 111.8mS/cm standards 
  • Displays average calibration factor 
  • Selectable cell constant 
  • Allows 1-point salinity calibration and temperature calibration 
  • Pre-programmed TDS and salinity curves for various applications



LAQUA PC1500 for the measurement of pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, resistivity, salinity and temperature

  • Measure pH and conductivity at the same time 
  • Combination of the PH1500 and EC1500

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