Established in 1945, Eppendorf have been supplying quality products into the science industry for over 75 years. During this time they have launched many revolutionary products that have literally changed the way science is done, including the piston stroke microlitre pipette which launched in 1961. Up until this point, scientists were pipetting by mouth. Eppendorf are world famous for their consumables offering including the Eppendorf tubes, which to date over 1 billion units have been manufactured. More recently, they acquired the New Brunswick brand, allowing them to expand their offerings to include equipment for cell culture, detection and storage. We are to supply an expansive range of products in the key areas below. 


Eppendorf Thermal CyclersEppendorf Thermal Cyclers


Eppendorf SpectrophotometersEppendorf Spectrophotometers
Eppendorf Liquid HandlingEppendorf Liquid Handling
Eppendorf Thermal mixersEppendorf Thermal mixers
Eppendorf CO2 IncubatorsEppendorf CO2 Incubators
Eppendorf ShakersEppendorf Shakers
Eppendorf Thermal CyclersEppendorf Thermal Cyclers
Eppendorf Lab ConsumablesEppendorf Lab Consumables
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