Ebro - temperature specialists

ebro® are the electronic measuring instrument specialists from Bavaria with over 40 years of experience in the production of high-accuracy, portable measuring instruments for temperature, pressure, humidity, pH-value, oil, salt and all other physical values. They specialising in handhelds, data loggers and software.

Data Loggers
ebro® has a wide range of data loggers for measuring temperature, pressure and humidity at validation and routine checks as well as for cold chain and process monitoring. The range extends from wireless data loggers for real-time monitoring, via mini data loggers for tight spaces to multi-channel thermocouple data loggers and complete data loggers systems, including evaluation software. The data loggers are available with a variety of sensor types and configurations to fit your application.

ebro® offers handheld instruments for many tasks like measuring the temperature, humidity, pressure, oil quality, pH, salinity, Brix and many more. Among these are instruments for core and surface measurements, measuring devices with folding penetration probes, with sensors and cables as well as instruments that are suitable for connecting different NiCr-Ni sensors by Lemo or SMP connections. Here you will find the right device for your application.

Evaluation Software
The easy-to-use software products are suitable for programming read-out of ebro® data loggers as well as for the evaluation of the measured values. ebro offers exactly the software you need for your application:
  • Evaluation software for different applications: the free Winlog.basic, the standard software Winlog.light and the professional software Winlog.pro.
  • Evaluation software for pharmaceutical and medical applications: Winlog.med for routine inspection processes and Winlog.validation for routine checks and validations.
  • Evaluation software for EBI 25 data loggers: Winlog.wave, the basis version for single users and Winlog.web, the web based professional version for multiple users.