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Laboratory Glass Washers & Wash Reagents

Camlab are experts in laboratory glass washing and offer a complete  range of professional and basic line glasswashers. From basic line under-bench models to professional line versions with jet washing and forced hot air drying up to high capacity tower units, Camlab has the right machine for you. Our UK field engineers carry full parts stock and can provide expert nationwide cover.

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SMEG Basic-Line Glasswashers

SMEG instruments has produced state of the art laboratory Glasswashers with ...more
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5 Products in range

Professional Line Glasswashers

Professional Line glass washers offer incredible value for money and offer all ...more
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5 Products in range

Miele Glasswashers

Laboratory Glass washing machines from Miele Request Information
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13 Products in range

Glasswasher Trolley Racks and baskets

Trolley racks with/without spray arms, jet-rack, baskets and supports for safe ...more
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Spares for Camlab/SMEG Glasswashers

Pumps, jets, wheels, trolleys and replacement panels, caps and seals
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68 Products in range

Service Contracts for Glasswashers

A choice of annual and multi year service contracts for Camlab Glasswashers, ...more
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